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Equifax Credit Breach Update Several days ago, Equifax, the credit reporting company, announced a security breach and hackers accessed very important personal data for over 143 million accounts. What you can do now to protect your personal credit profile Stay Alert and pay attention to any unknown emails or regular mail you receive.  You may

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by Bryan Ward, CFP®, CIMA® in Economic Updates, International Markets, Investments

Tell me about the Global Economy. Things were looking up last quarter. Especially for emerging markets as global demand was picking up. However, there are some uncertainties on the horizon that could become a bigger concern for the global recovery. (1) China. We have heard this story before, but after stellar economic data in the

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by Bryan Ward, CFP®, CIMA® in Current Tax & Finance News, Economic Updates, International Markets, Investments, Risk Management, Strategies

The first quarter of 2017 started off well for the stock market with the S&P 500 gaining just shy of 6% within the first two months of the year(1). But of course, that’s already behind us. So what is in store going forward? Before we do that, let us look at the macro economic conditions

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by Bryan Ward, CFP®, CIMA® in Economic Updates

It’s a new year and there is a new government regime taking over. With it comes new guesses on what lies ahead. Below are some key takeaways and areas that we will be monitoring throughout 2017. INFLATION The new administration is promising an economic expansion through tax reform and infrastructure spending. The recent rally may

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by Bryan Ward, CFP®, CIMA® in Investments, Risk Management, Strategies

Trump vs. Clinton and The Financial Markets By Bryan Ward, CFP® CIMA® Before we get into what to expect from the post-election results, let us first just recap the past quarter. Markets quickly shrugged off the initial shock of BREXIT in the later part of June. Concerns of an interest rate hike diminished over the

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