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by Bryan Ward, CFP®, CIMA® in Trivia

How Many Veterans are there in the United States? A) 18 Million B) 22 Million C) 34 Million D) 38 Million Answer is B. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, There are just over 22 Million Veterans in the United States

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by Bryan Ward, CFP®, CIMA® in Trivia

How long has Benjamin Franklin been the Face of the $100 bill? A) Since 1914 B) Since 1862 C) Since 1790 D) Since 1892 Answer is A) Ben Franklin has been on the bill for 100 years. Prior to that the $100 bill had the American Eagle front and center.

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by Keythe Ward-Aguilar, CFP® in Best Practices, Ideas, Hints, Tips

What are my options when I inherit a family member’s work place retirement plan? You have several options to consider when you have inherited a family member’s 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement plan. The options available depend on the plan’s rules, so they should be discussed with the plan administrator for specifics. Many plans allow

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by Bryan Ward, CFP®, CIMA® in Current Tax & Finance News, Economic Updates

Who has two thumbs and does not think we are headed back into a recession? This guy! But wow! The 3rd quarter was a tough quarter. 2015 has somewhat been shaping up to be similar to 2011. Remember 2011? Which by the way was also a pre election year. In 2011 we had uncertainty in

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by Bryan Ward, CFP®, CIMA® in Trivia

How many times does the “United States of America” appear on the $100 bill? A) 2 B) 10 C) 12 D) 21 Answer is C) 12 times. 2 obvious times and 10 Times around the oval of Ben Franklin.

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