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by Mark Ward-Aguilar in Trivia

What do the four Hebrew letters on the dreidel (nun, gimmel, hey, shin) stand for?

A. Eternal values will always triumph

B. A great miracle happened there

C. God saved us from our enemies

D. Try your luck and win the pot

Answer is B. A great miracle happened there

The letters (nun, gimmel, hey, shin) spell out the Hebrew words of Nes Gadol Haya Sham ― A great miracle happened there.

What is the significance of the dreidel?

During the time of the Maccabees, Jews were imprisoned for the “crime” of studying Torah. While in jail, these Jews would gather together to play dreidel. Under the guise of idling away their time, they’d engage in Torah discussions and thus defy the enemies of Judaism.

Until today, the “game of dreidel” reminds us of our eternal defiance of anyone who tries to stand between a Jew and the Torah.

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